Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Roemer '06?

According to this report Tim Roemer, the former 2nd CD congressman, is considering a run against Lugar next year. This would be an interesting matchup, like Lugar, Roemer has made his name on Foreign affairs issues, specifically his role on the 9/11 Commission. Also like Lugar Roemer is a thoughtful moderate (words you'll never hear connected to Chocola's name) who can work across party lines.

There is a very early poll that shows Roemer trailing within the margin of error at 41%-39%. Given that Roemer is cut from much of the same cloth as Bayh, he would seem like a very serious challenger to Lugar. And there is a history of Hoosiers dumping long term Senators, Vance Hartke and Birch Bayh being two examples, but right now he faces what must be a fundraising deficit of Everest proportions. The likelihood of Roemer even entering this race let alone having any chance of winning will be tied to his ability to catch up.

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Dave oresik said...

Tim Roemer would make a very formidable opponent for the senior senator. If he is already at 41%, his numbers will only climb. Even if he were to lose in 2006, he would be in an excellent position for 2012 or even after 2008 were Evan Bayh to become president. That seat would be up in 2010. I hope Tim throws his hat in the ring.