Friday, June 03, 2005

And George Soros also kidnapped the Lindbergh baby has begun running ads in South Bend calling out Chocola (R-himself) for taking money from DeLay among other things. His response? It all an evil plot by George Soros.

"According to Chocola, Soros has contributed "tens of millions of dollars" to MoveOn and is "kind of the major guy for them."

And what about

"He also was critical of, saying, "You won't find a more partisan organization than MoveOn."

Two thoughts, first has Chocola ever heard of the Swift Boat vets? And second, so what? Partisan doesn't equal untruthful, and there is nothing sinister about pointing out that Chocola took $3o,ooo from DeLay, or that in November of 2000, Chocola told the South Bend Tribune that he supported privatizing 100% of Social Security.

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