Friday, October 07, 2005

Sometimes Change Isn't a Good Thing

"The new fault lines in Indiana politics are between the forces of change and the forces of standing still.” -Mitch

See the problem Mitch is that you have to think through the consequences of your actions, your "change." If you push through a bill requiring Day Light Savings, but pass the buck on what time zone that it should be problems happen. Actually you end up with a big mess, as the people in the Lafayette area are going to find out as Tippecanoe County switches to Eastern Daylight Savings, and the counties surrounding it go with Central.

Or when you decide to centralize the unemployment payments offices, but don't hire enough people to make sure the checks aren't sent out in a reasonable period of time. A lot of people, people who don't have a lot to begin with, were hurt by your "change." But I doubt any of your neighbors in Geist were effected so no biggie, right Mitch?

Or when you "change" how the state distributes property tax money to county and municipal governments, your change was to shortchange them. Now local governments will be faces with cutting services, like police and fire, or raising property taxes. People are already losing their houses at near record rates, higher property taxes will only push that further.

But your right about change Mitch, I just hope the state survives until 2008 to make an important change.

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Doug said...

This post is just dead on. Well done.

I would anticipate the Cass County Dems hammering away at the Daylight Saving Time issue.