Friday, October 21, 2005

Rep. Chocola (R-Himself) is One of Tommy's Kids

So sure Chocola has taken $40,000 from DeLay, it was just money right, it's not like DeLay had any control over Chocola or his campaign?

"An ARMPAC mailing to gun-owning voters in Chocola's race for an open congressional seat praised him as someone who "will protect the sporting traditions that Indiana sportsmen have passed on. For future generations to continue to enjoy our heritage, we need the leadership of Chris Chocola."

Now the idea of Chocola sitting in a deer blind aside, this is more then just money, this is DeLay playing an active role in Chocola getting elected. This is Chocola owing DeLay one, which is exactly how DeLay operates. So you gotta ask what did DeLay get for his help?

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