Friday, July 08, 2005

Mitch Daniels: Anti Education?

When the Indianapolis Star takes a Republican to task you know something is wrong. Just read the opening paragraph:

"The nation's top education official calls it cutting-edge. The governor of New Jersey wants one like it.
Indiana's Education Roundtable has been credited with some of the biggest leaps in state education reform, including last fall's bid for tougher high school graduation requirements."

Followed by:

"The Republican governor promises a roundtable rebirth, but the holding pattern has triggered questions about Daniels, whose critics have pegged him an anti-public-schools governor."

The article goes on to list his educational low-lights, and it makes sense, a guy like Daniels probably sent his kids to private school. And sense Republicans think the middle class is people making $250,000 a year they just assume that everybody can afford it too. What they tend to forget living in their Geist mansions is that there aren't a lot of private schools in the rural areas of the state, public schools are all we have, especially at the high school level, so when they slash public school funding, and let the roundtable languish, they leave Cass County with very few options. Of course Mitch would have to care for any of this to matter.

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