Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yet Another Call for Rumsfeld to Step Down

The Military Times, publishers of the Army Times, Navy Times, Marine Corp Times, and the Air Force Times will publish an editorial calling for the resignation or removal of Donald Rumsfeld. Read by over 250,000 members of the military, the editorial this is seen as a high water mark in the growing wave of dissatisfaction in the military with the Defense Secretary.

"It is extremely widely read and influential for the professional military," said David Segal, director of the Center for Research on Military Organization at the University of Maryland.

The relationship goes two ways, said Segal. "I think it would be safe to say if the Army Times is saying that, it is something they are hearing from senior officers in the Army," he said

So the rank and file as well as well as numerous retired general and a growing number of members of Congress have called for his resignation or removal. So who's defending him? The Republican leadership.

"Let's not blame what's happening in Iraq on Rumsfeld," Boehner said in an interview on CNN on Wednesday afternoon. "But the fact is, the generals on the ground are in charge, and he works closely with them and the president."

So when the generals on the ground ask for more troops, they had crackers in their mouths and Rumfeld couldn't understand them? Is that the excuse, that even though the generals have been ignored or replaced by Rumsfeld, it's all their fault?

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