Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On the Highway to Hell

Let's call Mitch's plan to privatize the toll road and potentially I-69 what it is, a band-aid for his poll numbers. Once again Indiana got the fuzzy end of the sucker when the federal highway bill was passed, (even though our vaunted GOP delegation is supposed to full of Washington power players) we won't be getting any $250 million dollar bridges for 50 people, so projects that need massive amounts of funding like the Hoosier Heartland are in limbo unless the state can cough up the cash. And since Mitch's fire sale of the state government hasn't raised enough cash for these kind of projects he's looking at more pieces to sell off. While this will bring in the money upfront to start construction, there is no guarantee that over the long haul that leasing the toll roads and I-69 will be a profitable or even equitable venture for the state.

But what does Mitch care? It accomplishes the only two things he cares about, it helps with his re-election effort, and it massively reduces the size and effectiveness of the state government long term.

But you want even more proof that its a bad idea? Even the Star is against it. When the Star is against something a Republican thought of, you know it's a bad idea.

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Sal Costello said...

We're in the same soup here in Texas. Educate, Organize and fight!

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Sal Costello
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